Bio: I am the pastor for 2 small congregations located in rural southeast Minnesota. One is Presbyterian, and the other is United Church of Christ. These yoked congregations make up my first call as a pastor, so we're all living and learning together. I also gave birth to twin boys in early May 2013, so my husband and I are living and learning about this parenting business day by day. We've been blessed with incredible help from our families and our congregations ... but these boys certainly are a lot of work! And they both give and illicit more love than I could've ever imagined. And so we make our way through life as a family of four and as families of faith. The title of this blog - "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" - comes from Psalm 139, one of my favorite passages in the Bible. Some of my days and adventures - in ministry and in parenting - are more fearful, some are more wonderful, and some land somewhere in between. But as Psalm 139 makes clear, God is always with us, reminding us of God's love for us, rejoicing with us in the good times, and picking us up when we fall. And so we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. Thanks be to God!

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